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Contact Management: Barbarickpete@futureformation.co.uk

Here at Future Formation we are a team purely on a mission to provide you with a first-class dance music station! A place where you can catch up with the latest and upcoming tunes or step back in time with those unforgettable classics.

Our DJs and staff are all experienced and perform to their best, internally and shown externally. We give it 110% all the way.

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FUTURE FORMATION is working in association with Formation Records. We are a collective of like minded local, national and international DJs and dancers committed to changing the face of clubbing in the U.K & U.S.A, our contributors work in their own right and are represented by FUTURE FORMATION management or their own managers/agencies. Our team donate their time and talent simply for the sake of everyone having a cracking night out, they also use FUTURE FORMATION as a medium for showcasing their own companies, record labels and services as music and art professionals. We are honored to introduce to you some of the finest musical talent in the business. FUTURE FORMATION fuse raw unsung and unsigned talent with some of the best DJs in the world!"

We aim to break down the barriers in the industry and make the pro-circuit more accessible to unsigned DJ's, we have had enough of the people at the money end of the industry fleecing clubbers and in a lot of cases force feeding them poor quality music, controlling DJ's, stifling producers creativity and dictating what they can and can not to in their venues etc.

In most cases our rostered DJ's play for FUTURE FORMATION free of charge, however in some cases we pay a fee or pay their expenses. In return for playing for us once or twice a year we network our contributors across the u.k on a daily basis, and advertise them free of charge by placing them on the rosta and link their profile pics to their websites, myspace or facebook profiles. Our contributors get a lot more out of being a part of the FUTURE FORMATION movement than we get out of them, and this arrangement keeps everyone happy.

Some of our artists are locked to various clubs, promoters, labels and management, so the fact they donate their free time to participate in our events, and no money changes hands, means that their managers/agencies are happy to allow their artists to play for us, and of course playing at our events gives you exposure and free advertising that you may not have gotten elsewhere.

We had numerous v.i.p's at our launch night as well as a line up of seasoned pro DJ's and complete unknowns. Our music has an energy that you can "feel" on the dance floor and no one has heard anything quite like it before....

We hope you can take some time to join our forum and contribute to what we hope will be lively debates on our past and future  events.