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Paul PSR Ryder – The Perfect Escape (OUT NOW)
PAUL PSR RYDER – THE PERFECT (OUT NOW) EML Welcomes with wide open arms the latest installment of Progressive Trance bliss from none other than the Progressive guru Paul Psr Ryder.A truly captivating work that engages all the senses and … Continue reading

Darta + Brum – Machinery (Out Now)
DARTA + BRUM – MACHINERY – OUT NOW – SUB GENERATION RECORDS) Darta is back and this time he has joined forces with Brum once again to bring yet another Indonesian flavor of Dubstep in it’s pure raw unadulterated form. … Continue reading

Crimson Death – The Binary Nature Of Reality (OUT NOW)
Crimson Death – The Binary Nature Of Reality (Release Date 29th April 2017) Mr Death returns once more to the EML airwaves and injects quality, precision, energy and squelchyness into our release shedule. Another top notch track that conjours up … Continue reading

Wormhole + Transit – Dirtie Deejayz (Out Now)
The Dirtie Deejayz once again lead the come back trail for EML Recordings, with these two original Electro influence head exploders. These seasoned producers churn out quality tunes time after time and were pleased to be kicking off our first … Continue reading

EML Recordings Christmas Podcast
This is the EML Recordings Christmas podcast, taking you through 90 minutes of QUALITY DANCE MUSIC. A journey through what has been and what is to come from this exciting army of music producers. Hosted by DJ Electromagnetic. Playlist : … Continue reading

EML Recordings XMas Newsletter
Hi everybody and a very merry Christmas to you all from us here at EML HQ. If you weren’t aware EML Recordings and our 2 sister labels recently relaunched in October and ever since then we have been pumping out … Continue reading

Sp3ctrum – The Lonely Walnut (OUT NOW)
Sp3ctrum – The Lonely Walnut This is what Dubstep is all about, filled to the rafters with absolute funkadelic mayhem.Pure and raw to the core this track encapsulates everything that it right about Dubstep, when this one drops the floor … Continue reading

Paul Psr Ryder – Gravitas (OUT NOW)
Paul Psr Ryder – Gravitas Paul Psr Ryder makes his debut Sub Generation Records release, with this highbrow Drum N Bass; intelligent-Step cross breed.A skilled piece of composition by Psr creates a noteworthy roller, with some intrepid percussion and drum … Continue reading

Chris Golding – Kandahar (OUT NOW)
Chris Golding – Kandahar Chris Golding returns once more to EML, with this high intensity Progressive Trance ripper. Hard heavy Bass lines throughout this one create a sinister atmosphere, complimented by a high end synth hook and characteristic Chris Golding … Continue reading

Bobby Hass – The Big Bang (OUT NOW)
Bobby Hass – The Big Bang This colossal Progressive Trance masterpiece is the very latest manifestation of producer Bobby Hass.Pulsating it’s way through 7 minutes of sheer Progressive Trance beatitude you get value for money in every sense.Fantastic production, delivered … Continue reading