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Ruhr Chill Factory

Ruhr Chill Factory
Genre: Chillout

The story goes that German Udo Hunn Erik Bosmen met in a diner and started jamming in a big green bus – wrote their first song, “Holidays in Area 51,” and formed Ruhr Chill Factory. Whatever you believe, you’d better believe that this is the most chilled out album that EML has ever released. Sexy sax, blissed beats and sultry samples that are equally at home on the beach or in the bedroom, Ruhr Chill Factory deliver the De Facto (see what we did there) standard in atmospheric ambient downbeat and lounge sounds.

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Traffic, the debut album from Ruhr Chill Factory is a subtle, intelligent mix of lounge and ambient vibes. Sexy, quirky and original, this is serious chill out that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If this album was any more laid back it would be horizontal, sheer chill out, relaxing Nu Jazz is what's on offer. Something to wind down to after a long days slog, or something to get down and dirty to, you decide when to play this.  Supported by Amazing Radio and DJ Mark Ryan, the Chill Factory are no strangers to airplay.




The Chill Factory are back.
And what a way to make a return, this album comes hot off the heels of ''Traffic'' which was there highly successful first album through EML back in June 2011.
After getting into the top 10 play charts on Amazing Radio, courtesy of Mark Ryans 'Amazing Beats' show, the Chill Factory's many fans wanted another release.
With luck they had one already waiting in the wings, and so we bring to you, quite possibly the most laid back, funky, and damn right sexy album of 2011 through EML.
Steel Town struts it's way through 14 super chilled tracks, if you are looking for music to accompany a long car journey, a sultry night in with your partner, a warm soothing in the winter months, then this is for you.
For all the pubs and clubs who want to entice a crowd into your premises, then this is ideal.
Any more laid back and this album, would be flat out in a coma, totally amazing, and one were looking very much forward to promoting.
it's time to chill with us, come to the chill factory, and immerse yourself.


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