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Biotronic Project


GENRE : Psytrance / Progressive Trance

Biotronic Project (Luis H.) has been growing since mid-September 2005, where he met the world of psychedelic music . With the support and encouragement of friends, was Biotronic specialist in your project, for what for them would be just a joke, it turned a very serious and becoming its main job. The name "Biotronic" came the idea of "Intelligent Life", the Word "bio" meaning life, and the word "Tronic" which refers to super-intelligent machines, forming Biotronic. Today Biotronic works with lines fullon morning and low-bpm, producing strong bass with simple notes, and psychedelic synths.




progressive frequencies

After the huge success of his 'Feel It' EP, Biotronic Project is back with another outstanding EP, and looking forward to topping E-Musics Trance charts for a second time. This EP has to be the bargain of the century, 6 tracks and 60 minutes of music. Seasoned producers will know that writing a track that lasts more than 7 minutes is a tough job, Biotronic has doubled that length with some of the tracks from this release, and yet maintained the flow throughout. To say that this release takes you on a journey is an understatement, it's more like an extended holiday. This really is Progressive Trance at it's pinnacle, the hight of perfection, Biotronic has also joined forces with DJ Adam on the final 2 tracks, a combined strength of 2 producers that are becoming household names in their respective country's.



An awe inspiring Psytrance EP, from Brazilian Luis H (AKA Biotronic Project). Luis first met with the world of psytrance in 2005 and rapidly set about the process of how to recreate what he was listening to, whilst adding his own slant. 5 years later, he has created what is without doubt the finest you will hear coming out of Brazil, a country that is really beginning to wake up to this style of infectious dance music. Biotronic has really surpassed himself with this outstanding introduction to EML Recorings and this EP is simply brilliant. Encaptivating, spell binding and sticky. 5 intelligently structured and produced tracks; no rush jobs here, and it shows. Attention DJ's..this will rip up your dance floors and leave your loyal party goers begging for more, get your camera's out and take a picture of the crowd when these tracks drop !! Best we let the music do the rest of the talking.

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