WELCOME TO THE NEW HOME OF LAYZEE RECORDSSister Label to EML Recordings, we launched in May 2012.Expect to hear plenty of Chilled out super sexy music coming out of this label, in the months and years to come.We focus on various styles of Electronic Dance Music, from Down Tempo, Deep House, Minimal Techno, Chill Out, Lounge & Leftfield right the way through to up front House, Trance, Dubstep and IDM. 


Landrunner - Satellite

Infectious Techno at it’s best. This catchy Techno stomper from Landrunner sets out it’s stall right from the outset and does not disappoint.

A Classic Acid Techno Arp drives this track forward with a solid 4 4 kick drum and minimalistic percussion. One of those tracks that wraps itself around you and will force you into a state of bounce. Top drawer stuff from the Landrunner.

Perception, Project D - Salty Air

12 Minutes of Electronica served up in one epic track. Welcoming two new names to LayZee by way of Project D and Perception with this collaborative effort, full of twists and turns and raw to the bones.
Minimalistic in nature it’s a good effort at a track that is the length of three and is pure value for money.
Floeville - A Knight Is Sworn to Valor

Welcome to Floeville. If you have clicked the play button, then right now you are listening to the Soundtrack to a future TV series. This is powerful, emotive and full of raw energy. A masterpiece of movie score engineering and design from a producer that many of you know, but we will keep his identity secret, all you need to know is that he is Floeville and he knows how to move your soul.
Landrunner - Radioactive

A Catchy Minimal Tech House single with a synth hook that will forever etch itself into your brain. Hear this track once and you’ll always recognize it whenever you hear it again. We welcome back Landrunner to LayZee with yet another well rehearsed action pumper, fully loaded and ready to go, are you

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