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Bobby Hass – The Force (Release Date 14th Nov 2016)

This Herculean Progressive Trance single from Bobby Hass is unblemished in every aspect.

From the intro to the end it captures your very essence and ascends it to a higher plain.

A truly masterful work of production from yet another accomplished producer here at EML.

Play it loud and play it often.

Paul Psr Ryder – Good Morning (Release Date 21st Nov 2016)

The complete package.
Taking on the Full On Morning inclination, hence the title; it’s a tyrack full of endowment and exemplifies all that is good about Psy. This delicious Psy Trance contrivance is the brainchild of the proliferant producer Paul Psr Ryder.
Bobby Hass – The BigBang (Release Date 28th Nov 2016)

This colossal Progressive Trance masterpiece is the very latest manifestation of producer Bobby Hass.

Pulsating it’s way through 7 minutes of sheer Progressive Trance beatitude you get value for money in every sense.

Fantastic production, delivered with the dexterity of a producer who is clearly at the top of his game.
You will play this a lot.

Chris Golding – Kandahar (Release Date 12th December 2016)

Chris Golding returns once more to EML, with this high intensity Progressive Trance ripper.

Hard heavy Bass lines throughout this one create a sinister atmosphere, complimented by a high end synth hook and characteristic Chris Golding synth pops.

All of the particles that make up this chemical rush combine to give you a trip into fantasy land that you’ll enjoy time and time again.

EML Playlist on SpotifyEML Releases on BeatportEML releases On JunoITunes