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Bobby Hass – Anonymous (Release Date 28th May 2017)

Bobby Hass …HAS to be one of the most gifted producers that we here at EML Recordings have on our rosta.

Time after time this Progressive Trance producer extraordinaire manages to extrapolate the inner workings of his creative mind and lays it down into his DAW to produce what can only be described as among the very best that this genre of music has to offer …period

don’t believe me ????


M.z.K – Falling Leaves – (Release Date 15th May 2017)

Uplifting Progressive Trance at the pinnacle of evolution.

It’s hard not to get excited about this eagerly awaited work of genius from prolific producer M.z.K (Portugal)

When we first signed M.z.K we knew that we had struck gold and over time he has homed his skills and this single is just one of a plethora of high quality releases coming your way through EML this year.

Hold onto your hats !!

Darta + Brum – Up All Night (Release Date 11th May 2017)

One of the most modern catchy releases to come out from EML so far this year.

Overflowing with Funk, this one hits the spot and has that all important feel good factor.

7 years of EML Recordings (Release Date 1st Jan 2017)


EML Recordings celebrates it’s 7th year of existence with this 40 track strong compilation. 

Featuring tracks from 2009 through to the present. 

If you are on the hunt for quality Electronic Dance Music of varying genres then this really has to be the ultimate collection for you. 

For our seasoned fans we have included some tracks from our 380 releases that might have passed you by.

EML is back and we are here to stay

EML Playlist on SpotifyEML Releases on BeatportEML releases On JunoITunes