EML Recordings, was established by Electromagnetic Impulses  in October 2009.

Today EML Recordings is home to almost 90 creative geniuses, split between EML and our 2 sister labels Sub Generation Records and LayZee Records but since conception has seen over 100 artists pass through it’s digital door.

Since 2009 EML has been integral in ‘breaking’ several artists into mainstream, artists such as Mr FijiWiji , Cristian Ketelaars, Floe, Mandi Dexterous Jungle Techno, Ason ID, TranceCrafter, DRE, we’re all relative unknowns before they came to EML.

We have also worked with some well known names and have regular releases with the likes of Marcie Joy, Shaun Williams, 8BitRage, Illuminati, Roby, Brett Nieman..to name but a few.

All of our labels are enjoying continued growth in 2103 , with an increasing number of Established DJ’s using us as a source for fresh music to drop into their sets and an ever increasing fan base & following.

The label was born from what was at the time one of the most inspiring artist social networks on the ning platform, ”Electronica Music Lovers” , which boasted a membership of well over 1,000 budding Electronic Dance Music artists from across the globe, this was before the launch of Facebook.

After signing to an American Record label, Electromagnetic Impulses, decided, he wanted to cut out the middle man, when it came to representing his music online, and so decided that armed with the Electronica Music Lovers ning site membership, and his own productions he would create a new label – EML Recordings (Electronic Music Lovers Recordings).

The first release was titled ‘Invasion’ by Alien Syndrome , an apt title for a release that went straight to NO 1 on the Track It Down ‘PsyTrance download charts’.

Once the first few releases were out, the label had started to gain a small following and this slowly but surely increased over time, attracting more and more artists as it did so. The label focuses more on quality than quantity, and to this effect there has been a fair amount of coming and going of artists whilst the label homes in on those that are producing quality Dance Music.

The first milestone for the label was it’s 1st anniversary in Oct 2010, when it released ”EML Recordings – The Best of 2010” , a release that was so popular that it was estimated to have been downloaded almost 10,000 times , unfortunately the vast majority of those downloads came from pirated torrents, however, it did serve to give a major boost to the labels presence, and reached many new ears equal to the sorts of advertising a business would pay £1,000′s for.

Since then the label has never really looked back, topping various download charts on a regular basis, such as Juno, Amazon and Emusic, and recently beginning to impact some of the download charts on the bigger sites such as Beatport and even Itunes.

Label boss Jason, has a unique and transparent approach to the running of the label, and knows only too well that there is a long long way to go before he can reach the top of this musical mountain and enjoy the views over the untrodden path he has taken to get there.

The label runs very much as a family unit, with each of the artists regularly collaborating with each other, and can boast a Mastering Company, Mobile Phone app designer, several graphic designers, web designers, radio presenters, magazine editors, music reviewers, event organisers, and more on it’s roster.

2012 was a year of major developments, such as the launch of 2 new sister labels, it’s first major music festival, re branding and the addition of some well known and established names within the Dance Music community.

When asked about the labels future, Jason had this to say .. “The Future is bright…the future is Purple”